Art Department

Moving set

This Set was moved several times during production as a "stand-by" set in case it rained.. we were shootingoutside nearby. Inside this set is the bathroom as you can see below:

Bathroom tight space

The Production Designer chooses the location (with the Director) where you are going to work. Then the Cinematographer (along with the Director) might make the image more like this:


A "Day-For-Night" look (this rough illustration was used to persuade the Director that it would work!)

Lareg Water Tank

The Designer had this water tank built in the car park of Weta Studios (NZ). It was huge and the walls were made from shipping containers. Very clever, economical and effective.

Water Tank Blue Sceen

The Water Tank in use. The big white sheets were to create non-blue reflections in the water when the blue screen was not in shot. Note the 50' Technocrane installed on the edge: all part of the design.

Small Set

A typical small set, involving massive amounts of set dressing, and clever use of paint.

Model meetA meeting around a model of St Marks Square: without this model it would be much harder to plan the shoot..(CASANOVA)

Art department crew:

Art department crew scramble to finish a Casino sign for "Hot Pursuit" 2015.