Some Film Directors I work with..

Oliver Stapleton and Stephen Frears (1989)

With Stephen Frears making my best film so far: The Grifters (1989).

Oliver Stapleton and Michael Hoffman (1989)

With Mike Hoffman making "One Fine Day". Florian Ballhaus (now a fine DP) looks on.

Oliver Stapleton and Lasse Hallstrom (1995)

A nice relaxed scout with Lasse Hallstrom for "Casanova" 2005.

Oliver Stapleton and Anne Fletcher (2009)

Discussing a shot with Anne Fletcher for "The Proposal" 2009..

Marian Cardelli

Anne Fletcher's assistant Marian Cardelli with Starbucks with everything else to hand.

Denver Beattie and Michael Hoffman/>
			<p class=Michael Hoffman's assistant Denver has to take care of his cat..