So You Wanna Work in Movies

Film Stars I like...

With David Bowie and Director Steve Barron sometime in the early '80's. Pop Videos is how I got going..

A message for my niece who asked me to get an autograph. Meryl was and is an inspiration to us all.

George Clooney is another example of a true Film Star who is gracious, funny and kind to all and sundry.

Why do I have a silly smile on my face as Nicole Kidman leans over me...

Emily Watson never complained despite days and nights of freezing cold, rain and long hours.

Kirsten Dunst surrounded by blacked-out camera crew during "How to loose friends..."

Alfred Molina gets temporary shelter courtesy the Grips on "The Hoax".

Sandra Bullock ("The Proposal") was an absolute dream to work with. A real Pro...