So You Wanna Work in Movies

VFX/SFX at work...

Some "special effects" amount to nothing more complicated that this. Let's hope the dog
lands on the blanket!

Sometimes you end up shooting a blue screen shot in a silly situation. Here it is raining and the light is falling. In the movie, it's a bright sunny day and they are on the ocean! This is a typical "pick-up" shot that you just grab when you can get it! (The Proposal)

A small stunt man manipulates the body model of "Crusoe" (The Waterhorse 2007), whilst the Key Grip holds the head
in place for reference.

Alex rides the neck section of Crusoe in the tank. Later Weta Digital will add the rest of the animal and use
the "blue neck" as reference as well as to help matt Alex's legs and body against the graphically generated Monster.

Closer work was done indoors for more control: water and wind added courtesy of the Special Effects Department.

The Director was convinced that the "underwater look" worked better if Alex was hung upside down as the blood went to his head.
We shot this at 96 fps (frames per second) and then water and bubbles etc were added later by Weta Digital.